Volta Flyer introduces Solar Powered Airplane Science Kit

Volta Flyer introduces Solar Powered Airplane Science Kit

Meet Volta Flyer which is the World’s First Solar Powered Airplane Science Project for Kids. The Volta Flyer is the world’s first DIY plane unit that is singularly powered by the sun. The kit contains the pre-assembled parts and segments important to fabricate your own one of a kind solar powered plane. The Volta Flyer can be assembled in a little as 20 minutes without exceptional devices or glues – simply your hands. At the point when building the Volta Flyer, children will learn about fundamental mechanical designing, air transportation, hardware and renewable energy.

The solar based “board on-wing assembly” technology and exceptional power management system empowers the sun to control your flights – no batteries required. You simply require the sun to power up your good times!


The Volta Flyer ships with an one of a kind thin-film amorphous silicon solar panel, a fuselage with wing receiver and embedded electronics, two sets of wings and vertical stabilizers, a set of wing joiners, and a set of cool decals to customize your Flyer.

How does Volta Flyer works?

All you got to do is assemble it, charge it up, flip a button and a hand launch.


So would you be interested, in buying one for yourself? To support the team visit: Kickstarter campaign