Trivoly turns your watch into a smart watch

Trivoly turns your watch into a smart watch

Smartwatches offer another level of convenience. They are extraordinary, aside from one issue: the vast majority of us already have a watch! So why not smarten up your own watch? With this thought, Trivoly have came up with an idea. Meet Trivoly the world’s first device that turns your own watch into a smartwatch.

How does Trivoly works?

The Trivoly must be placed underneath the watch where the battery is typically put and afterward paired to your cell phone by means of Bluetooth. When it has been effectively connected, you can control numerous cell phone applications with the assistance of your watch most critical of which are the well being related ones like optical heart rate sensor. You can likewise get warnings for messages and messages and even set a clock for your cell phone camera.


The size of the Trivoly is amazing, doesn’t add much weight to your watch, and doesn’t affect its high-end appearance. It is only 3 mm thick and completely water-resistant. The battery lasts a satisfactory four days and uses different LEDS to show notifications.

So would you like to buy one for yourself?

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