Privyhr a digital assistant for recruiter

Privyhr a digital assistant for recruiter

Meet Privy, a recruiter digital assistant. It helps recruiter automatically monitor their candidate profiles so they know exactly when they’re looking for a new job.

How does Privy works?

1. Pick your candidates: As a recruiter you will need to register a profile that you are interested to track. Privy monitors AngelList, Xing, Github, Twitter, Quora, personal blogs and a bunch of other sites.

2. Get notified when their profiles change:  Privy will automatically notify you when relevant information changes on your candidate’s profiles.

3. Discreet & automatic: Privy monitor your candidate profiles anonymously and never reach out to them.

It’s no secret that the perfect candidates are already working somewhere. Bulk messages aren’t just annoying for your candidates – they’re time consuming and have very low success rate.

To signup for the service, visit Privy