PriceOye: Helps to compare prices so you shop smart

PriceOye: Helps to compare prices so you shop smart

Pakistan’s eCommerce market is growing at a rapid rate. With the growing rate, shoppers now comes into a problem of which eCommerce site to choose when buying your next product online. Meet PriceOye who are solving this problem faced by all online shoppers. All of the big online stores sell pretty much the same set of products, but they price them quite differently. By visiting PriceOye, you don’t need to visit them all to find the best price. Just visit: PriceOye, choose your product and it will show you the comparison table.


When asked from the Co-founder of PriceOye, Adnan Shaffi. He had the following to answer for the listed questions asked by Curcle Team.

What is the PriceOye all about? – a price comparison website, helps you find the lowest prices for mobile phones sold online in Pakistan. We now have well over a dozen smartphone brands, and all of the biggest, most trusted online stores listed. We will soon be adding more categories, and a number of useful features to help you get the lowest prices.

To whom is it going to help?

PriceOye is for all Pakistanis who shop online, are considering shopping online, or shop offline but research online.

How did you get started?

As a team, we’ve been working successfully together for several years at launching and scaling international technology blogs. After wrapping up our latest project in 2015, we wanted to work on solving problems in our own market. We believe now it is an excellent time to provide scale-able solutions for the local market using technology.

After much research and deliberation, we felt launching a price comparison startup in a booming eCommerce market will be a good idea. We began working on it in mid 2015, had our soft launch in late-2015, and launched PriceOye formally as a public beta in February 2016. Since then, we’ve been growing tremendously fast.

Our vision for a PriceOye is as a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. Besides prices, we will answer every single potential query that is in the minds of prospective consumers, leading them to purchase the best products at the lowest prices from trusted online stores that meet their specific criteria.

To shop smart, visit: PriceOye now.