Gatherer is your next event personal assistant

Gatherer is your next event personal assistant

Gatherer send out and manages invitations across channels like SMS or email and social channels like Facebook and Whatsapp.

It reduces the agitation of organizing social gatherings, and increases the likelihood of these evens to happen. Which is a great news for all companies in the leisure and entertainment industry.

Have you ever tried to invite large amount of audience to an event? Facebook, G-chat, WhatsApp, email, argument letters and calls – the options are limitless! Everyone uses a altered approach to acquaint and you are accepted to accumulate up with it. It’s harder to analyze everyone’s availability even for simple contest like traveling to the movies. Here is where Gatherer comes to help.

How Gatherer Works?

For your next altogether party, business affair or city-limits cruise you can actualize a Gatherer event with your smartphone and allure humans to vote for your appropriate dates.

Once everyone casted their vote the event architect i.e. gatherer can fix the date and everyones gets notified automatically.

To Learn more about the app visit Gatherer.