G-RO a revolutionary companion bag

G-RO a revolutionary companion bag

We all are aware that travel can be a hassle. The more you do it, the more tiring and frustrating it becomes. To get from here to there, too many of us depend on inferior bags, travel gear and accessories. But they all are not so simple to carry specially if you are crying a lots of weight. So to solve this problem, Neeta Shalgi came up with a thought on revolutionizing travelling bag, with that came up “G-RO”, a revolutionary companion bag.

Watch the video to learn what this bag can do for you.

Some of the best features of G-RO are:

  1. Charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone via it
  2. You can easily carry 15 inch laptop within the same bag and no need to carry another Laptop Bag separately
  3. You can track G-RO via your smartphone


Would you like to have this smart bag? If so sign up now at Kickstarters.