Car Butlers: Pakistan’s first mobile car wash service

Car Butlers: Pakistan’s first mobile car wash service

You went over a long drive with your loved ones to enjoy the rain and in return got the messy car at the end. Ahh! No doubt that’s a big pain. Well not to worry any more, as Car Bulters are here.

Meet Car Butlers, Pakistan first mobile car wash service at your doorstep. Yes! Now get ready to have service of your car at your doorstep. We found this service as very interesting and it is no doubt a need of thousands of us, who are busy at their work or are a bit lazy like me 😉

Car Butlers

We got in touch with the founder of Car Bulters, Abdul Wasay. He had the following to answer for the listed question about the service.

How Car Butlers started?

I always had a dirty car that I needed to maintain and I never came down to doing so. Taking it to a service station was even a bigger hassle. That is when I realized that someone has to put out a butler on the road to do it for others and there is no one better fitted for this than me who completely understands the problem at hand. Besides no one in market was taking the initiative so I thought why not?

What is the startup all about?

At Car butlers, we’re automating car servicing industry. We’re providing on demand car wash at your doorstep. All you have to do is, book an appointment (Online/On call), sit back and relax. We’ve made it that simple for everyone! Besides this, we make sure the products being used are exceptionally good. They’re all branded! We give detailed washes from 90-120 minutes, each. 5 different microfiber cloths are used on a single car. And, the laborers we’ve hired are professionally trained and up-skilled to make sure our customers get a service that’s best of the bestest!

Our target market includes of business professionals, working ladies and car enthusiasts! We’re a relief for anyone who owns a car. No one likes waiting in long lines at a service station and getting disappointed at the end of the day. Thus, we’ve made lives easier and getting car washed so undemanding!

How is the overall experience, the customer feedback?

In a very short time span we’ve catered around 400+ customers ad provided jobs for many laborers. Our marketing campaigns went viral and some great influential people started talking about us and recommended our services to their fellows. Not just this, Rj’s, Bloggers and social media personalities have also been in contact with us. We’re working on it. And, we’ll soon be signing agreements with some great companies. A lot Of work is still in the pipeline and we believe it will turn out really good!

To book your appointment, visit: Car Bulters

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