Auto Genie: Pakistan’s first car maintenance service at your door step

Auto Genie: Pakistan’s first car maintenance service at your door step

Meet Auto Genie, a startup with a vision to cut down the mental burden of car owners to deal with car repairs and maintenance. Gone are the days when you had to spare your Sunday for an Oil Change or getting a Car Wash. With Auto Genie you can now cheer up your weekends. All you now need to do it is book your car appointments and think done.

We got in touch with the founder of Auto Genie, Hamza Abbas Bakhsh. He had the following to answer for the listed question about the service.

How Auto Genie started?

I come from a business family, and we have a large commercial fleet in our distribution and warehousing business. I begin working at 14 years of age as an assistant to different departments on rotation basis. When I moved to transportation/logistics wing, I was the one responsible for upkeep of our fleet including staff cars. Combining my childhood interest in cars and finding a solution to give myself relief, it gave me an idea on how can we minimize one’s effort to keep up its car without having car knowledge. Avoiding most of the paper trail, changing the whole experience of car maintenance by taking it online and finding the right resources to do it without hassle of even leaving your work-desk. It’s just like being liaison between the two to cover up the vacuum of mistrust and language barrier.

What services you currently offer?

We focus on periodic maintenance services like Oil Changes, Brake Service, Battery Replacement and likes. As these services require your attention quite often and consumes most of your time. And normally people neglect these common yet important services to perform on-time, ending up losing an undue amount of money and stranded in the middle of nowhere when the car brakes down.

How is the overall experience, the customer feedback?

We started off with a vague idea, but it kept on improving and today we have a full-fledged service open for the public with a considerable current user base. Add on, Auto Genie is now a funded startup via PakWheels sign of a trust of the market.

As entrepreneur, what will be your message to the future kids who are entering this field?

Well, I’ve understood that entrepreneurship is not limited to wonderful new ideas but it also covers improving conventional practices. It’s not a field of work but a lifestyle. If you fear the failure, you are not going to give it a go in the first place. You failed it already. It’s always worth a try doing something. Information Technology has, however, improved the meanings and adaption of entrepreneurship and we are very hopeful to see a grown up eco-system in the years to come.

The service currently is active in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. To book your appointment, visit: Auto Genie now.

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