Top 10 mistakes committed during Online Marketing Strategy

Are you making the most out of the online marketing? With great potential buyers actively using search engines, websites, apps and social media to decide on the best product or services they need. But online marketing is not easy, competition is tough, here are the top 10 mistakes committed in Online Marketing Strategy.

1. Make exaggerated expectations:

This is one of the major mistakes that often is committed by a company. In most of the time you have the very mistaken belief that entering the online sector will make you very first day a millionaire.

Within the digital marketing there are many possibilities, most are these opportunities and have a chance to get great results immediately. But one should consider that will not always be so.

We have a good head and be realistic about what you can get. How at all times in order to get results or campaign strategy it is needed.

Moreover, we must set realistic goals and make sure to keep track of all this, how and when they occur.

Be patient and consistent. All this will lead you to achieve the expected results.

2. Not believing in what we are doing digitally

It’s a very common mistake, companies do not have any online presence or if they even have, they don’t believe in any sort of profits from it. Therefore, often because of ignorance about the sector it leads us to fall into many errors.

3. Not defining clear objectives

As with any strategy we must have a clear plan of what will be the objectives to which we are about to do.

We have to raise our company goals, objectives relating to our website … That is, a stable metrics (KPI’s) and allow time for completion of these.

Only then can we judge whether we will succeed or will we fail with our strategy.

4. Do not have web a part of their marketing strategy

Many companies think that having a website is already working in the online sector. It is clearly one of the most common mistakes people make.

This is very important, you should keep in mind that having a website is no more like preaching in the wilderness without other elements to help us.

The same page it will not be visible in different search engines. We’ll need a global strategy, that is, using elements such as SEO strategies Ads, Social Media, Content Curator and email marketing as the basis for spreading our message.

All these elements will need to devote time to them, will you spend the funding, and many companies have neither the time nor the financial resources.

5. Do not think about having a responsive web

We must also consider the various Google algorithm updates in spring last year in April,  it requires all websites and online stores to be responsive to mobile devices.

6. Social Media

On the one hand, companies give them the functions of managing their social networks to people who are not professionals without knowing how they work.

Moreover, there is a belief that all companies must be present in all social networks as it may, but one should think that we should be those who are our customers or our potential customers.

So we must study our target audience and analyze the different social networks are the most suitable for our company, and which are used in our sector.

7. Do not bet on your own content

We must consider that the content is currently the undisputed king. Therefore, we must think of the ‘branded content’ and direct our strategy you have to be focused on creating own content. We must turn to the blog and video blog to get a virality on social networks.

8. Not establish a system of measuring results

We have to measure the different results to see if we have managed to reach our objectives set. Therefore, the first thing we need is to make a measurement dashboards weekly, monthly and quarterly to help us identify whether we are achieving the objectives. A very common mistake is not to have any measurement systems.

 9. Not perform an integration between the offline and online strategies strategies

It has to be clear that the online strategies and offline strategies should work together within a company.

Therefore, there must be coordination and exchange of information between the two strategies to work in the same direction.

Let the two strategies work separately without coordination will lead to results that will not be anywhere near those expected and can lead us to a misconception.

10. Thinking that the strategy is forever

If we fail to achieve the expected results must change our strategy. In online marketing, the key to achieving the goals set is to practice different ways, that is, performing the method of trial and error.