What are the best blogging platforms available?

Are you New to blogging and have no idea on how to quickly start blogging? Well here is the list of best blogging platforms which you may want to consider – plus they’re free.

WordPress blogging platforms

1. WordPress is the most popular free blogging platforms. As a newcomer you might find WordPress a touch bewildering initially, but it’s one the best free option for anyone wanting to start blogging as it offers a great mix of power, customization and usability.

Medium Blogging Platforms

2. Medium is a free blogging platform and is created by the founders of twitter. It’s a good place to blog at, specially if you want your words to be taken very seriously, and if you favor a polished, streamlined experience of UI.

Tumblr Blogging Platforms

3. Tumblr is one of the easiest free blogging platforms to use. If you prefer to write short then tumblr is a place to start with. They have a decent looking mobile app which makes it easy to submit content to a Tumblr from anywhere.

Blogger.com  Blogging Platforms

4. Blogger is one of the longest running free blogging platforms on the web and is a service offered by Google. The best part of blogger.com is that you don’t need to worry much about the security. Blogger.com blogs are secured as much as your Google account is secured.

LiveJournal Blogging Platforms

5. LiveJournal is another good platform to blog on and it infacts combines blog and social networking together at one place. It is one of the oldest blogging platform which is still active. LiveJournal is specially good if you prefer to start a discussion over a certain topic.

Other blogging platforms you may want to try:

Svbtle, Weebly, Postach, Pen.io, Ghost.

What do you think is the best blogging platforms?

Let us know in the comments below!

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