Our Vision

Our vision for Curcle is to enable individuals globally to lead successful, meaningful & fulfilling lives by providing them the information of the paths that matters them the most.

Our Story

As young kids or even professional’s, a very common problem that we all face when it comes to selecting our career path is that we really don’t know too much about that path which we are about to begin, we select our paths based on some hypothetical facts, the decision may include social impact, personal assumptions etc. Hence, the process of how career selection decisions are made is an imperfect and fractured one.

Our schools and universities contribute insufficiently in helping to guide us in the making of one of the most important decisions of our lives. Our strengths and weaknesses are not adequately identified or worked upon in the early stages of our growth cycles. We are hence left to make uninformed decisions, which more often than not leads us into following career paths that pay the bills but do not use our strength to full potential.

At Curcle, we are here to solve this problem. We allow kids to explore Career Paths via making them go through the learning of basic courses which will help them understand the actual pathway of a particular field, and later using their strengths and weakness to predict them a better career, which at the end will allow our young kids to fully understand the field and then take it’s career decisions based upon that precious information.